Tattoo aftercare

Please, follow these rules to ensure your tattoo heals well.


Leave the protective tattoo film on the location for a maximum of 2 hours.


When you come home, wash the tattoo thoroughly using cold water and antibacterial soap, such as Protex or Detol.


Gently pat your tattoo dry with a clean paper towel.


Then apply a thin layer of BEPANTHEN PLUS ointment 3 or 4 times a day until scabs are formed.


If you have been tattooed a large area, it is good to cover up your tattoo for the night, again, using a plastic food foil to prevent the tattoo stick to your clothing or bedding.


When scabs form, you will apply BEPANTHEN PLUS ointment twice a day until the scabs come off completely.


During the healing process the tattoo will itch, do not pick the scabs or scratch it. Let the tattooed skin peel off naturally.


For 1-2 weeks do not go to a swimming pool, sauna, avoid sun tanning, swimming in the pond, dusty and unhygienic environment!


Never use framykoin ointment, Ibalgin, Nivea or other antibiotics! This could lead to complications.