About us

Tattoo Vetengl is a tattoo studio focused on unique tattoos and permanent makeup. We provide high quality tattoos in Pilsen. Design of the tattoo is up to your choice.

Our tattoo artists are professionally trained, experienced and the best in Pilsen. Each tattoo has its own unique style. Our salon has a positive rating given not only by locals, but also foreigners. Opening hours every working day from 10: 00-18: 00 hours. During the weekend we open only due to previous agreement.



For more than 13 years I have been practising painting, drawing and graphics. I graduated from AVU (Academy of Fine Arts in Prague). I deal with the creation of original tattoo designs and completing the tattoos. I specialize in realism, landscapes and graphically formed tattoo. I also accept individual requirements of the customers and I can make an original offer.

About tattoos

A tattoo is made professionally with the use of disposable needles and certified colours. We adhere to strict hygienic conditions.

How to make an appointment?

First, it is necessary to have a consultation with your chosen tattoo artist (Luboš or Kristýna). You can contact us by phone, by email, on Facebook or instagram.

Are you under 18 years old?

In order to get a tattoo it is necessary that you are 18 years old or more. If you are not, we need a written consent of both of your parents or your legal guardian. The form is available for physically with us at the salon.

How to prevent health complications?

To get a tattoo it is important for you to be well-rested, well-fed and relaxed. We do not recommend drinking coffee, alcohol, taking medicine or drugs. All health problems (allergies, immune, blood or skin problems, etc.) consult with the tattoo artist. Any concealment of your health status is your responsibility. If you do not feel well and you are going to have an appointment, rather call at the salon to book some time later.


Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to seeing you.

How does it work for us?